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As Greenwood Health Systems has a 24-year history of producing exceptionally beneficial products, we have developed a simple three level affiliate program to fairly reward those who benefit from and then choose to promote our incredible products.

Our affiliate program is very different from MLM programs, in that it has none of the traditional income limiting hoops they force their promoters to jump through.

Traditional MLM Hoop One Removed: NO MEMBERSHIP FEES. Unlike MLM companies, we do not charge our affiliates any Membership, or other fees to generate an income from promoting our products.

Traditional MLM Hoop Two Removed: NO RANKS TO ACHIEVE. Forget about having to personally sponsor X number of people, who have to then sponsor Y number of people to get yourself to a decent paying rank. All of our affiliates earn exactly the same commissions on all product sales they generate on each level, each month.

Traditional MLM Hoop Three Removed: NO BV / CV (bonus value / commission value) CALCULATIONS USED. Most MLM companies routinely assign a BV or CV to all product sales that substantially diminishes the amount of commission actually paid. E.G. A product is priced at $79.00, but ONLY has a CV of $40.00. This means all bonuses are paid on the $49.00 CV not on the $70.00 sale price. We consider this practice deceptive and ALL of our commission calculations are based on the actual dollar value of the product sale.


Earn a 20% commission on EVERY product order placed by those you personally refer. Our affiliate tracking software automatically credits you with the relevant commissions on all future product orders as they are placed.  This the level 1 commission.

Earn a 10% commission on EVERY product order placed by those who have been referred by those you have personally referred. This the level 2 commission.

Earn a 10% commission on EVERY product order placed by those who have been referred by those on  your second level. This the level 3 commission.

Qualified affiliates earn commissions on all orders placed by both customers and other affiliates.

Earn commissions on all their repeat orders, forever.


To be qualified for all relevant commissions, affiliates simply purchase an average of one product each month.

As an example, if an affiliate makes an initial purchase of one product they are qualified for the next month. If, however, they purchase three products, they are automatically qualified for the next three months.

NOTE 1: We provide affiliates with the ability to make one time purchases and both monthly and three monthly autoship options on all products at a highly discounted pricing structure.

NOTE 2: Our multi product packs count as one product, not three products.


We mail qualified affiliates their commission checks each Friday if their total due earnings is $50.00 or more.

If earnings are under the $50.00 payment threshold, the amount earned is carried over to the next week.

NOTE: Affiliates also have the option of contacting our office and having their due commissions converted into a store credit that they can then use for future product purchases.