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Order Products

To order any single product, simply click the PRODUCT IMAGE (NOT the “Add to Cart” button) for the relevant product. Then, choose either a one-time purchase, or elect to use our HIGHLY DISCOUNTED Autoship options for the purchase.

NOTE: Selecting the Autoship Option will save you a minimum of $20.00 per product.

If you wish to order multiple quantities of any product, simply change the quantity from the default of One to the required quantity on the “Select Options” page.

To order multiple different products, after selecting your option for the first product, scroll down to the “Related Products” and then click on the image of the next product you wish to order.

Once you have added all products you wish to order to the cart, then click the “View Cart” button to enter the checkout and complete your order.

We ONLY ship products to USA and Canadian addresses.

Payment may be made with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. We do NOT accept American Express.